Devoted to the mission of providing value based quality education, he founded institute named 'MIT' at Pune in 1983. He is keen and ambitious that like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT would produce nobel, laureate Engineers and Scientists. Being ardent follower of Swami Vivekanand, he too believes that union of Science and Spirituality can bring peace to the mankind. Hence along with academic developments of the nation he is keen to uplift our social psyche.

With this intent, he established a forum to develop pilgrim centres of Maharashtra. It started with an establishment of "Shri Kshetra Aalandi-Dehu Paryavaran Vikas Samittee" in the year1986. The purpose of this committee formation is sustainable environmental development and controlling pollution of this popular pilgrim centres. In the year 1992,owing to his 'warkari' roots he organised a celebration of 700th year of 'Dnyaneshwari'.

Year 1996 was beginning of many initiatives for the educational, social and cultural developments of our state. It was the year when first 'Global Conference of Science and Philosophy" was held in Pune. In the same year 69th "Marathi Sahitya Sanmelan and Sant Shri Dnyaneshwar Maharaj's 700th Sanjeevan Samadhi" celebration was held From February1, 1996 to February4, 1996, in Pune. As a strong humanitarian,he believes that along with continuous knowledge up-gradation the staff and faculty of his institutions must also be spiritually and mentally strong and physically healthy. Like a concerned father of MIT Group of Institutions,he initiated with an unique eight days long lecture series; "Sant Dnyaneshwar and Sant Tukaram Smruti Vyakhyanmala" accompanied by Yoga sessions. This lecture series and yoga sessions are held every year from 24November to 30 November. It is indeed a dream of better society actualised by self set example.

In year 1998, he represented India for the second 'Global Conference of Science and Philosophy" which was held at Geneva, Switzerland. Since the establishment of MIT Group, it has been constantly engaged in championing and promoting the cause of time-tested Indian Values, Culture and Traditions for the well-being of the society at large. In appreciation of the work carried out by the MIT Group under the banner of 'World Peace Centre' started in the same year, in championing the cause of promoting the Value based Universal Education system for spreading the message of peace in society with the apt blend of science, technology and spirituality, UNESCO, Paris bestowed it with an "UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Tolerance" on May12, 1998.

He started an innovative mass educating movement called 'from Pilgrim Centres to Knowledge-pilgrim Centres' in1999.He has also initiated and ciphered an unique "World Peace Prayer" which is not devoted to any cast, creed or religion but humanity in total. Since 2005 the 'World Peace Prayer' begins our day at all MIT Campuses.

He vowed to re-establish the symbols of national integrity in form of Shreeram Mandir, Jama Masjid and Khawaja Zenuddin Chisti Dargah and has been in the process.Yes, he is the same person who has initiated First International Robocon, and World Peace Eco Park.

It is said that 'whatever man conceives can be achieved', and the programs, ventures and socio-educational activities along with humanitarian activities of Prof. Dr. Karad sir leaves us spellbound. The visionary thought process that he has been engaged in, is indeed amazing. A village borne simple teacher is crucial to transform lives of thousands by his thoughts as well as his noble acts.

An engineering teacher initiates life transforming socio-educational privatization movement, showcases what he expects to be quality education by starting own educational institute, devotes to cultural harmony and enlives vision of world peace, that is beloved founder ,our father of MIT Group of Institutions Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad.